Expect to support their Parents 

Expect to Support their Parents 

 The International Millennial Segmentation 

Segments of U.S. Online Millennials

Motivating Relationships
find satisfaction in helping key friends and family to develop and to flourish.

Fine Future
makes sacrifices now, investing in their future.

Me & Me
focus significant effort in their own key interests or pastimes, less concern about gaining respect of others.

Caught in Constraints
life happens, and this segment is unclear on how to climb out.

Careful Balance
is detail-oriented, carefully working to balance career, health, lifestyles and relationships.

Novelty Adopters
are highly social, risk takers who explore the new and enjoy influencing others.

Segment size as percentage of Population

 Exceptionally Educated 

A whopping 23% of the Careful Balance segment has completed master's degree or more.


83% of this segment carries at least $5 of cash with them.


Prepared to Spend 

Weekends: People and Relaxation 

For 53% of Careful balance, the ideal Saturday is spent with friends or family.


60% of the Careful Balance segment likes to dress in the latest fashions.


 Fashion Forward 

Over half of the Careful Balance segment expects to support their parents as they grow older.

Expect to Support their Parents 

> 50%

Only 19% of the Careful Balance segment consistently makes grocery lists, compared with 30% of other segments.



 Online Millennials: About the USA's Largest Segment
Careful Balance

These individuals are detail oriented planners and achievers, balancing their multiple domains of interest such as family, friends and career.

They stay abreast of technology trends and fashion not just to be in style but rather because it helps them achieve their goal of 
stability. Whether about a social issue or buying a product, their decisions are deliberate. They work to stay fit and they dress in the latest fashions. Their personal achievements provide a sense of control and self-fulfillment.