Online Millennials: About the Jump Constraints Segment in India 

Self-driven individuals who make things happen with or without education, members of the Jump Constraints segment are entrepreneurial, determined to find a way to achieve their objectives. These successful Jugaadus are highly dedicated to their families, even more family oriented than the 'motivating relationships' segment. Having achieved comfortable earning levels, these individuals want to spend time with their family members after work on a weekend. They are more technology-reliant than the average segment, being more active with texting and online gaming, and they also are more likely than the typical segment to make their purchases online.

Segments of India Online Millennials

 The International Millennial Segmentation 


Motivating Relationships
find satisfaction in helping key friends and family to develop and to flourish.

Fine Future
makes sacrifices now, investing in their future.

Me & Me
focus significant effort in their own key interests or pastimes, less concern about gaining respect of others.

are experientially-oriented planners who work to balance career, health, relationships, and lifestyles.

Jump Constraints
are street smart and self-made, valuing both hard work and family.

Caught in Constraints
life happens, and this segment is unclear on how to climb out.

 Home Ownership 

65% of the Jump Constraints segment own their homes as opposed to renting.



22.4% of people in this segment have a tattoo. 


 Multiple Jobs 

1 out of every 14 Jump Constraints member is working three or more jobs. 



27.5% of Jump Constraints members have visited the United States.



69.2% of the Jump Constraints segment has only a high school degree or less.


Segment size as percentage of Population